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Kitty Pidduck with toy cat

My story

Hello! My name’s Kitty Pidduck and I tell stories, write songs & screenplays and create original content for preschool audiences and their families.

I’ve been doing this since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I absolutely love it!

Inspired by the children I work with in early years, arts and outdoor settings – as well as the books and music I grew up with as a child – I create engaging, relevant and inclusive content that delights viewers and participants alike.

Kitty Pidduck & Friends

I love making music with children in the early years and their families and carers.

Over the last 30+ years, my work in nurseries, children’s centres, schools, libraries, arts centres & outdoor settings has taken me across London and beyond to deliver music sessions that are fun, engaging & hands-on.

With opportunities for singing, dancing, playing percussion, junk instrument-making & more, sessions cover themes that reflect children’s learning & understanding of the world and include original songs & stories with an emphasis on nature & outdoor learning.

I sometimes bring my friends along with me to add to the musical fun….

This is me with my friend, Sarah, serenading the hens at the Mother Goose Wildlife Garden in South London!

Find out more

Kitty Pidduck and Friends

Pidduck Productions

Pidduck Productions is where my songs & stories begin their journey from page to screen and where – with the help of my sister, Polly – I create and hone original content for the preschool market.

We are currently developing two preschool series with King Bee Animation.

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The first fuses outdoor learning & messy play with music to deliver a sweet, funny, clever story of exploration and friendship.

The second takes inspiration from the forest school ethos to explore stories of teamwork, adventure and discovery – all set in Regent’s Park, London!

We have other shows in the pipeline as well so please get in touch by email if you’d like to know more (or use the contact form).

What’s in a name?

Kitty Pidduck is my pen name – she’s also the grandmother I never met.

My Mum used to tell me stories about her mother’s life as an actress, singer and cruise ship stewardess – only a few but enough to imbue her name with a sense of adventure and the unexpected…

Like the day she brought a monkey home from somewhere exotic and it ripped the curtains down and had to be taken to the zoo.

Or the time she turned up with seven baby turtles from Disneyland – each with a technicolour painting of one of the seven dwarves on its back.

This was in 1940s Liverpool and, eighty years later, I wonder what Kitty would have made of my life as a singer/songwriter, session musician, early years music educator, writer and content creator. Phew, what a mouthful – but that’s the reality of being a jobbing creative!

I’ve chosen to use my grandmother’s name because it says nice things to me: it says vintage, it says sweet, it says relatable; it says picture books, it says kittens, it says quack!

I like it – I hope you do too.

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